MTX Broderie Architecturale, inhabiting a realm between art, design and architecture, designs and builds works inspired by embroidery techniques.


MTX, managed by Artistic Director Annie Trussart, is a team of creatives, designers, embroiderers and interior designers.

Réversible, Averse, Acanthe, Fragment, Hélys and Canopée are the principles’ designs from MTX, each composed of a multitude of elements.


Extended, overlapped, multiplied and expressed in space, three-dimensional shapes, sculptures, walls and architectural elements compose truly one-of-a-kind works offering endless possibilities.


82, rue Saint Lazare 75009 Paris

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 Artistic Director of MTX Broderie Architecturale and the Atelier Montex

How and when did you first discover embroidery?


The first time I entered a workshop, I was 24 years old. And it was love at first sight. Two years later, I enrolled at the Duperré School of Design, Fashion and Creation. It was during that period of study that the director of the Atelier Montex offered me a position. Soon I instilled a more contemporary vision there, and this modern bent has become our signature.


Where did you get the idea of Architectural Embroidery?


Atelier Montex, which I’ve directed since 1988, is also an artistic laboratory of sorts. I’ve always been interested in architecture and, paradoxically, the ability to bring two worlds together: embroidery on garments, its support system, and projecting it in space!


What is MTX Broderie Architecturale able to create?


We’ve created an alphabet of shapes and colours that everyone can use to write his or her own story. Every creation that leaves our workshop is entirely custom-designed and handmade..


What are your sources of inspiration?


The “Acanthe” work was modelled on an 18th-century moulding, a reinterpretation of decorative art ornamentation. “Averse” is part of a mesh, a texture. So far, we have developed six themes.


What does embroidery bring to your work?


The excellence of an artistic profession, tradition, innovation. Lightness, preciousness, rarity. In the vocabulary of haute couture, embroidery is ennoblement.